Here you will find links to different sites of interest as well as internet resources on textual criticism. If you have any suggestions please contact Barbara Bordalejo

Notes and Articles

  • The Phylogeny of the Canterbury Tales by A. Barbrook, N. Blake, C. Howe and P. Robinson
  • The Application of Thought to Textual Criticism, by A. E. Housman
  • Textual Scholarship, Textual Theory, and the Uses of Electronic Tools: A Brief Report on Current Undertakings by Jerome McGann
  • Current issues in making digital editions of medieval texts? or, do electronic scholarly editions have a future? by Peter Robinson
  • Where we are with Electronic Scholarly Editions, and Where we Want to Be by Peter Robinson
  • Electronic Textual Editing: Foreword by G. Thomas Tanselle, Earlham College
  • The TEI Electronic Textual Editing
  • Wikipedia: Textual Criticism


  • Association for Documentary Editing
  • American Printing History Association
  • Bibliographical Society
  • Bibliographical Society of America
  • Bibliographical Society of Australia and New Zealand
  • The Bibliographical Society of Canada
  • Bibliographical Society of Virginia
  • Early Book Society
  • Edinburgh Bibliographical Society
  • European Society for Textual Scholarship
  • Oxford Bibliographical Society
  • Society for the History of Authorship, Reading & Publishing
  • Society for Textual Scholarship
  • York Bibliographical Society


  • Canterbury Tales Project
  • Interedition
  • The Parsival Project
  • Pico Project
  • Stanton and Anthony Papers Online Project
  • Women Writers Project

    Online Editions

  • Caxtons Canterbury Tales: The British Library Copies
  • Majuscule Prototype
  • Digital Nestle-Aland Prototype


    Indiana University:
  • L585: Descriptive Bibliography, School of Library and Information Science

    University of Birmingham:
  • The Textual Genome, Theology, Historical Studies

    Leiden University:
  • Textual History and Textual Criticism of the Old Testament, Distance Learning Course, Theology

    University of Cambridge:
  • Textual Criticism, Anglo- Saxon, Norse and Celtic.
  • Paleography and codicology, Anglo- Saxon, Norse and Celtic.

    University of Kansas:
  • ENG 520/ HIST 500: History of the Book, Department of Communication Studies

    University of Minnesota:
  • COMM 8504: Textual Criticism, Department of Communication Studies

    University of Oxford:
  • Greek Textual Criticism, Faculty of Classics
  • Latin Textual Criticism, Faculty of Classics

    University of Southamton:
  • ENGL6028: Writing in the Middle Ages

    University of Texas, Arlington:
  • Humanities 5392 Texts and Textuality: Textual Scholarship and the Humanities, Fall 1994, Phil Cohen

    University of Western Ontario:
  • English 814: The Hypertext Edition: Theory and Practice

    Study Programs

  • The Editorial Institute's (Boston University) Master's and PhD's program
  • The Institute for English Studies's (University of London) Master on History of the Book
  • The Institute for Textual Scholarship and Electronic Editing's (University of Birmingham) Master on Electronic Editing
  • The University of Birmingham's Master on Text and Book
  • The University of Leiden's Book and Byte: Book and Digital Media Studies Master
  • The University of Toronto's Book History and Print Culture Program, which offers both Master's and PhD's degrees
  • The University of Washington's Textual Studies Program


  • The deadline for proposals for the Society for Textual ScholarshipSociety for Textual Scholaship conference is the 31st of October 2006. Follow this link for more information.
  • Call for papers for the European Society for Textual Scholarship.
  • Call for papers for the 4th International Conference on the Book, which will be held at Emerson College. The deadline for proposals is June 15th 2006.

    Research Centers and Institutes

  • Australian Scholarly Editions Centre
  • Centre for Editing Lives and Letters
  • Centre for Manuscript and Print Studies
  • Electronic Text Center
  • Institute for the Future of the Book
  • Institute for Textual Scholarship and Electronic Editing


  • Studies in Bibliography
  • Papers of the Bibliographical Society of America


  • Book History Bibliography by Richard W. Clement, University of Kansas
  • Electronic Books and Texts: Case Studies and History: a bibliography on electronic publication.
  • WEMSK 17: Textual Criticism by Jim Marchand. WEMSK stands for What Every Medievalist Should Know, but the bibliographies are useful to non-medievalists also.
  • WEMSK 17a: Textual Criticism Addendum
  • WEMSK 18: Editing
  • WEMSK 19: Paleography
  • WEMSK 20: Codicology


  • B. Bordalejo
  • J. Lavagnino
  • C. MacÈ
  • J. McGann
  • D. Parker
  • P. Shillingsburg
  • W. Van Mierlo

    Papyri and Papyrology

  • Accademia Fiorentina di Papirologia e di Studi sul Mondo Antico: This is the Italian language version —the english one is still under construction. There are links to conferences, seminars and it gives access to their online catalogue.
  • Centre de Documentation de Papyrologie Littéraire at the University of Liège.
  • Christian Papyri: a bibliography with links to collections of christian papyri.
  • Egypt Exploration Society: features an online catalogue, as well as notices about fieldwork and events.
  • The Friends of Herculaneum: News and information about Herculaneum. There is a link to their papyri collection and also a guide with translations to the books found there.
  • Papyri at Genève, Bibliothèque Publique et Universitaire: a catalogue to their collection.
  • The Hawara Papyri: a collection of papyri found in Hawara in 1888.
  • Institut de Papyrologie de la Sorbonne: This site is in French. It presents a detailed catalogue which covers Demotic, Greek, Latin, Coptic and Arabic.
  • Papyrology Home Page by John D. Muccigrosso, Drew University.
  • POxy: Oxyrhynchus Online: The official site of the Oxyrhynchus papyri.
  • Seminar für Papyrologie at Heidelberg: it has links to their library, projects and other papyrology sites.

    Related sites

  • Early English Books Online: the texts are there, the quality is a totally different matter.
  • Interpreting Ancient Manuscripts Web by Timothy W. Seid, Earlham College. This site is mainly dedicated to Greek New Testament. It has a section on textual criticism and a very good textual critical exercise that you could use in teaching.